feet gSmelly feet or sweaty feet are a serious discomfort resulting in feet stench; just imagine taking those shoes of in the presence of others, after a loaded day of work, and in the heat of the summer. The causes are indeed diverse, and can result from ill treatment, poor foot wear, and/or the natural smell of a person, due to his genetics and age.

What can be done to ease on the issue? Here are some examples:

Your feet, closed in shoe wear, are a beauty area for bacteria and other types of fungus to develop. Sometimes even when you exercise proper hygiene, washing daily and keep your feet clean, bacteria develops due to your shoes being contaminated – washing them, of course according to the directions of the producer, could solve some of these issues. Our study suggests that shoes made of natural products are healthier in keeping odor away. We also see that leather soles are preferable in keeping shoes cleans and bad odors away. When wearing sneakers, try using cotton or terry socks, these absorb moisture in a better manner, and leave less chance for fungus or bacteria to develop.

Using clean socks and airing your shoes: changing socks on a daily basis is a healthy habit to pursue. You should also avoid using the same pair of shoes on a daily basis, good practice is to keep at least two pairs for weekdays, switching on a daily basis and leaving a pair to air properly for at least a full day. In summer period and hot days, this is important all the more, and actually wearing sandals or open shoes is highly recommended.

When wearing closed shoes during hot days, more important to use a fresh pair of socks; you can also consider powdering with talcum powder on a regular basis. Here again, consult with your pharmacist on the most fitting brand, taking care of smelly feet in the right manner for you.

In some cases using insoles is a good practice, use those made out of natural material, so that moisture is properly absorbed from your feet. Consult with a paediatric or a pharmacist for the best fit for you.

Another good practice is to wash your feet daily with cold water, for some reason this has an excellent effect in reducing bad odor from your feet. Make sure to dry your feet properly right thereafter, between the toes too, a common place for bacteria to develop.

If bad odor caused by smelly feet is routine and persistent in your case, or you suffer occasionally from sweaty feet, consult with a physician or a chiropodist before seeking permanent solutions.