Body Odor

Body odor, we all have it and it is always unique to each and every one of us. It might be pleasant for us, though sometimes it is unpleasant for others.  A pungent body odor is usually the result of poor hygiene practice, and is of some disturbance to people at our immediate vicinity. It could be dealt with by putting in a little bit of an effort that has great value for our well being.

Taking a shower or a bath at least once a day is a high recommended practice to start with, though sometimes it is not enough. Using soap, shower gels and so on, followed by using a deodorant that feels pleasant for us, is another desirable common practice.

Visit any supermarket or drugstore to find a wide range of products, containing different ingredients and flavors. Find the ones that fit you well, try asking your spouse or partner how it feels on you, and select the products fitting your budget. In drugstores or pharmacies, ask for service, in many a case you will find it useful.

Other best practice ideas to keep in mind:
Change your underwear and socks on a daily basis.
If you are going to use the same clothes a few days in a row, make sure they hang up in the evening and aired well. Wash clothes according to the instructions found on garments, use dry cleaning from time to time if in doubt.

If body odor issues persistently return, consult with your family physician, or your community nurse.

Note that some people suffer from medical conditions that might cause unpleasant body odor (such as the genetic phenomena referred to as ‘Trimethylaminuria’, providing a bad ‘rot’ odor). References in this site eventually refer to cases that are not of that kind, and should be easily fixed using the common practice suggestions we offer.