Genitals include the surroundings of the penis, vagina and anus.

Smelly genitals are indeed a sensitive issue, and less talked about in public, far less than other smell issues that are reported and discussed at work, school or home. Those suffering from this phenomena, are less keen to talk about this issue, and sometime even dare not consult with a family physician, or local pharmacist – where advice and assistance could be given.

Gentlemen, handling your penis area is indeed a sensitive task; we recommend washing gently with water and other soap materials to get rid of smelly substance. Asking your spouse to help might be fun, and allow a discrete conversation regarding this discomforting issue. We also recommend using natural shampoo or various types of ‘baby soap’, they tend to leave less irritation and provide a soft and pleasant feeling.

Ladies, washing your sensitive and intimate parts should be a daily routine, of course more often during menstruation. Washing gently around the vagina should be done with appropriate soaping materials, low on pH and fit for sensitive areas. Please consult with your pharmacist for the best fitting products, they might differ with yearly seasons and age.

Same products, natural soaps and baby products can also fit washing thoroughly other sensitive parts of your body, especially around the anus. Keep your genitals healthy, clean and worthy!