Our origins
Smell-Well's creation came from personal experience, and a quite annoying one. The entrepreneur who created Smell-Well had some 'smelly' co-workers. Getting the team to cooperate and work together with these persons, became a task sometimes unpleasant. Someone had to deliver this message and that was a problem. The enterpreneur researched what could be done about the nuisance and came up with the Smell-Well platform, building up the concept and financing the project soon followed. The platform will be made available in many countries and in many languages as this 'smell problem' is international in its essence. The launch took place in The Netherlands, Europe and from there will be introduced throughout the world.

A more pleasant world is more than a 'green' philosophy !
We believe that by introducing a simple, polite and delicate solution, a more pleasant environment to people worldwide is built. The annoyance caused by these delicate issues will be seriously reduced.

Financial structure
Building and maintaining the platform is made possible by sponsors and donations. Smell-Well doesn´t have commercial goals, but has the goal to make the world more pleasant to live in. You want to make a donation or become sponsor and make the world a more pleasant place then send an e-mail to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..