Bad Breath

Bad breath or any unpleasant odor from the mouth can have several causes, amongst it, bad teeth condition, bad breath, stomach problems, bacteria in the mouth or on the tongue and etc.

Causes are eventually wide and quite common, it could be a temporary bad breath caused by eating garlic rich food, or having a bit too much of a drink. The problem is more wide spread than we would have thought, and as it seems, it worsens with age. Poor oral hygiene causes several disease problems, like gum disease. It often results in bad breath, strengthened by plaque and bacteria gathering in the mouth, between the teeth and on the tongue. Sometimes, bad air from infected lungs or ill stomachs makes things worse.

We always recommend brushing your teeth after meals and commonly using mouth wash liquid. These can be found in different flavors, and at different budgets – so there is no excuse for not using.

What is a bad breath?
Bad breath or Halitosis Oral is an abnormal smell of the exhaled air. Halitosis Oral is a condition that easily becomes regular and should not be confused with occasional and temporary bad breath occurring from occasional use of alcohol, tobacco or strong herbs in your meal.

Bad breath hit 1 of each 5 of us, hence very common according to research done. Bad breath does not come from the stomach! It is a common misconception to think bad breath result from stomach related issues alone (like a hurt stomach valve). Moreover this seems to be relevant only in a minority of cases studied.  

What causes bad breath?
Research shows that a majority of bad breath cases studied (over 80%) seem to indicate the source as the mouth, in particular the rear part of the tongue, where bacteria easily settles and thrives between grooves and fissures that compose the tongue tissue. Easy to notice, after several days of ill treatment, a white-yellow plaque layer on the tongue, on the rear upper side. The plaque layer on the tongue, together with certain oral bacteria causes a production of sulphuric volatile gases. The gases have a very unpleasant odor. We recommend brushing your tongue, when brushing teeth – a practice very much useful to prevent oral
odor issues.