Report an odour issue!

Smell-Well offers you the option to send an anonymous message to a person having a repetitive odour problem.

Just fill in the fields here below. You will be required to fill in some personal information to protect the target person ('stinker') from misused campaigns. Please note that this information will not be used for any other purpose. Our objective is to solve problems, not create new ones. The reporter of the problem can decide whether he or she wants to stay anonymous (by default) or enter their names. Once the right information is submitted, the reporter will receive an email with a confirmation link to his or hers provided email address. Once the confirmation link is clicked and validated by our system, a message will be sent to the target person ('the stinker') reporting the odour problem.

Please check your junk folder or spam filter if you do not find the confirmation e-mail.

Stinker data

Body odor
Smelly feet
Smoke and tobacco

Hardly noticeable
Quite annoying
Seriously unhealthy

 Man  Woman

Reporter data

 Yes  No

 Yes  No

 Man  Woman

Updated: 19-04-2018