Flatulence is commonly caused by indigestion or unhealthy foods. At times less pleasant for you, and quite always a discomfort for your immediate surroundings. Flatulence is created in normal conditions during the process of digestion in the gastro-intestinal tract. It is estimated that up to 15 liters of gas and air can accumulate in our intestines throughout the day; these gases are not processed into our blood system and leave our body in other natural ways, leaving a trial of smelly gases in the air around you. Should you suffer from excessive flatulence, check out the possible sources, they include: consumption of certain food and beverages (over 90% of the cases), heavy breathing and rapid inhaling of air, some forms of drug abuse, chronic bowel disease, improper diet (see your physician), stress and lack of certain enzymes. It is also quite common with aging people, and women just giving after birth. 

Farting is healthy

Keeping wind from blowing is unhealthy, and can cause nausea, bloating and / or abdominal cramps. Though we should try and restrain ourselves in the presence of other people. Try and reduce the influence of flatulence sources, if it does not help, do consult with your family physician or docter.