Notify your friends, acquaintances, co-workers or partner tactfull they have an odor issue. has a solution!
The introdution in Europe (The Netherlands and Belgium) took place September 2010 and since then, as the news spread, tactful and delicate reports have continously been sent over our platform! We now embarked on our internationalization campaign, lead by our introduction to the United States and North America. 

Telling a person that they somewhat smell bad is a delicate and intimidating action. offers a solutions On our report page you can inform a person in a friendly way that he or she has an odor problem. Through the Smell-Well platform an e-mail will be sent stating the nature of the problem. In addition, in the e-mail your target person will find a link sponsored by Smell-Well with practical solutions.

The e-mail to your target person will be sent anonymously (by default), though an option to state your name is available too. To prevent misuse and ensure proper conduct, the reporter will receive an e-mail and link to confirm his action. Only after the reporter confirms hir or her action, an e-mail will be sent to target person through the Smell-Well system. Since the launch of the platform (October 2010) more than 13.741.177 people worldwide have been alerted concerning their odor problems. Almost 34,3% of the problems have been reported as having been solved within 2 weeks! The former 'smelly' target (the Stinker) will receive a message congratulating them.


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